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Team Managers

The season is underway!

Be sure to be clearly communicating times for games, warm-ups, and photos; please remember to update scores in a timely fashion; encourage parents to sign up for dibs shifts as help is always needed and welcomed; and have fun - cheer loud!

I was contacted about a misplaced baseball gear bag.  Please let me know if you have seen or heard of a found red/black backpack gear bag containing a gray Under Armour batting helmet and a bat.  Unfortunately, they don't believe his name was on any of those items.  It may have been left after a practice at the Starr fields about a week and a half ago.  If you could ask your team as well it would be appreciated as the kid feels bad about missing all of his gear.

We would like for each team manager to keep an eye on unclaimed DIBS shifts each week to check the days your teams have home games. If there are unclaimed DIBS shifts for concessions, we need you to please reach out to the families on your teams and find someone to claim the shift or work concessions. We have to have the concessions open in order to make money that helps sustain the NRBC youth program.  I am asking you to coordinate with your teams and amongst each other to work to get these shifts filled ASAP so that we know the concessions will be open.

Jessica LaPean

NRBC Team Manager Trainer

NRBC Team Managers 2018

Minors Majors
ALB- Jenny Langeness B- Danielle Stephens
ALG- Justin Leverty DO- Kodie Winterbauer
ALO- Rochelle Roberts G- Tresa Germain
ALW- Jeremiah Johnson O- Rochelle Roberts
NLB- Katie Sampair W- Jessica LaPean
NLG- Michelle Helmer
NLO- Alicia Schwartz
NLW- Amanda Andre
Babe Ruth Traveling
B- Tresa Germain U10 A –Lee Fouks
O- Bettina Schutte U11 A Wendi Halleen
W- Mindy Howard U11 AA Shannon Eckert
U12 A – Jenny Gunter
U12 AA – Jessica Langeness
U13 AA – Katie Nerby
U13 AAA – Angie Effertz
U14 AA – Mandi Erickson

Hello Team Managers!

     Thank you for stepping up. If you have any questions about either the website or the app, please feel free to contact me throughout the season and I will do my best to walk you through things and get you the answers you need.  I look forward to working with you. Go Tigers!

Team Manager Duties

Some of the basic duties of the team managers include but are not limited to:

  • updating information on the team webpage
  • recording scores after games
  • assisting the club with monitoring dibs - contact parents who need to complete hours and assist in locating individuals to fill open shifts
  • assist coaching staff with communication and other tasks as needed