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Team Managers

Hello Team Managers!

     Thank you for stepping up. If you have any questions about either the website or the app, please feel free to contact me throughout the season and I will do my best to walk you through things and get you the answers you need.  I look forward to working with you. Go Tigers!

Jessica LaPean

NRBC Team Manager Trainer

Phone: 7152484507

Page updated 5/20/19

Team Manager Duties

We are asking that all Team Managers ensure the following things this baseball season:

  • Adding all games to Sports Engine.  It is nice to have practices added to the schedule as well so that the team can fully leverage the calendar feature with the tagging for their individual team if you are able to add those as well.
    1. If you have access issues for administration to your team page – please contact Nikki Driscoll.
    2. If you have issues with adding the games or events to the website, pleases reach out to Shannon Eckert, Schedule Coordinator.
    3. If you have questions about how to manage the team page, please reach out to Jessica LaPean, Team Manager Coordinator.
  1. Update all scores on the NRBC website team page after the games. This provides families information on win/loss throughout the season and helps us with the year end tournaments.
  2. Ensure that ALL DIBS shifts that are available during your team’s games are filled. If no one has claimed the shifts, we expect that the Team Manager works with the families on their team to open and run the concession stands. If you have any questions around volunteer requirements or DIBS, please reach out to Laurie Stafne, Volunteer Director for assistance.
  3. Team Manager Training is scheduled for Thursday, May 23 at 7:30 pm at Hatfield Park. Jessica LaPean  (Team Manager Coordinator) and Andy Solomon (Equipment/Concessions Director) will work with you to ensure you are trained to help support others if they have questions. We open the training up to the entire membership, so please encourage your families to attend and learn/ask questions.
  4. Work with our Volunteer Director to make sure that all of the families on your team are signing up for DIBS shifts to complete their volunteer requirements. Laurie Stafne will be able to run reports or provide any updates on the different volunteer requirements if you have any questions on who still has shifts to complete etc.


Jeramiah Johnson

Minors NL Black

Andy Lindloff

Minors NL Orange

Tyler Lachaussie

Minors NL White

David Hagstrom

Minors NL Grey

Kevin Lunsmann

Minors AL Black

Carrie Borgstrom

Minors AL Orange

James King

Minors AL White

Julia Martinson

Minors AL Grey


Heidi Gaspord

Majors Black

Justin Leverty

Majors Orange

Corey Arndt

Majors Grey

Alicia Schwartz

Majors White

Babe Ruth

Jessica LaPean

Babe Ruth Black

Mindy Howard

Babe Ruth Orange

Stacy Baucom

Babe Ruth White


Amie Schroeder

10U AA Traveling

Colleen Davis

11U A Traveling

Lee Fouks

11U AA Traveling

Laurie Stafne

12U A Traveling

Sara Solland

12U AA Traveling

Shannon Eckert

12U AAA Traveling

Karen Stellrecht

13U A Traveling

Jessica Langeness

13U AAA Traveling

Casey Eckerdt

14U AAA Traveling