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The NRBC is a non-profit volunteer organization.

Visit our "DIBS" page to volunteer!

There is no "i" in "team" but there is a "u" in "volunteer"!  The New Richmond Baseball Association believes in empowering all of our parents to participate as volunteers in whatever capacity they are most comfortable.  With such a diverse group of parents, we understand there may be skills, know-how, resources, or ideas that could help to support our goal of creating the best baseball experience possible for our children. Please complete the brief survey below if you have any ideas on how you could serve the baseball club in a means not specified on our dibs page.  This is also a great place for your ideas on how parents can help to cultivate a positive baseball culture in New Richmond.  Thank you!

Volunteer for the NRBC!

Minors, Majors, Babe Ruth, and Traveling teams can sign up for work hours TODAY!  Please check the DIBS tab on the website for your opportunities THIS weekend and through the season.  Remember volunteer requirements for the NRBC:

If you have one child playing in the Minors/Majors/BR programs, we ask you to complete 6 hours of volunteer service.

If you have two children playing in the Minors/Majors/BR programs, we ask you to complete 8 hours of volunteer service.

If you have three or more children playing in the Minors/Majors/BR  programs, we ask you to complete 10 hours of volunteer service.

Families with at least ONE child in the traveling program will be required to work 10-15 hours during their home tournament as well as cover concession shifts available during their home games.  There is no buyout option for traveling families.

Coaches and team mangers posted on team pages fulfill their work hours through those roles.

If you did NOT elect to 'buyout' the volunteer hours and do not fulfill the requirement through the season, you will be charged the buyout fee AND an additional $50 penalty fee at the end of the season.  This balance must be paid in full before your child will be placed on a team next season.