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Traveling Program

Josh Klinger

NRBC Director of Traveling Program

Phone: 651-270-9060

Travis Helland

NRBC Chair of Program Development

Phone: 715-523-1812

Metro Baseball League

NRBC 2021 Traveling Teams


Congratulations to the players named to a travel team as part of the 2021 baseball season. Registrations will need to be completed no later than November 1, 2020.

Coach a Traveling Team

If you are interested in coaching a traveling team, complete the coaching application linked here. All coaches are expected to complete a board approved coaching clinic and are subject to a background check.

Traveling Teams: Fact/Fiction

The NRBC has received many different communications from parents concerning their perceptions of the traveling program.  The following are some of the most-often cited concerns/ mis-perceptions that parents have about traveling baseball with the NRBC:

1.  Myth: If my child plays traveling baseball, we will be playing baseball every weekend all summer.   This is FALSE- traveling teams generally play in their home tournament and 2-3 away tournaments each season.  The away tournaments are often 'local'  (within driving distance) with one tournament that may require a hotel stay.  League games are also generally scheduled during the week.

2.  Myth:  If my child plays traveling baseball, we are going to have to drive hours to play baseball.  This is FALSE- the leagues that our traveling teams play in are based out of the Twin Cities, which means approximately 45 minutes for the longest drive (i.e. Stillwater/Woodbury/etc).   Many of our teams play league games in Baldwin, River Falls, Hudson, Somerset, and Menomonie.    

3.  Myth:  The fees are so high that the NRBC uses the Traveling program as a fund-raiser.  This is FALSE- the NRBC pays league fees (see financial reports for specific numbers), tournament fees, and umpire fees for each of the travel levels which is absorbed by the registration fee.  Like the In House program, this fee provides for a jersey/hat and basic equipment needs.  Players provide their own bats, gloves, batting helmets, pants, and cleats.

4.  Myth:  Coaches for the Traveling Program are paid.  This is FALSE- the coaches for all traveling teams are volunteers.

5.  Myth: The traveling players who make the team one season are guaranteed placement on the team the next season.  This is FALSE- all players are required to tryout.