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Volunteer Information

The NRBC is a non-profit, volunteer run organization.

Visit our "DIBS" page to volunteer!

NRBC is run completely by member volunteers who fulfill volunteer hour requirements (dibs shifts) each year. There is no "i" in "team" but there is a "u" in "volunteer"!  

The New Richmond Baseball Association believes in empowering all of our parents to participate as volunteers in whatever capacity they are most comfortable.  With such a diverse group of parents, we understand there may be skills, know-how, resources, talents and ideas that could help to support our goal of creating the best baseball experience possible for our children. This is also a great place to contribute to cultivating a positive baseball culture in New Richmond.

Thank you for all of your support!

Volunteer for the NRBC!

Visit the traveling dibs page or the in-house dibs page for details about dibs requirements.

Visit our coaching dibs page for information about volunteer credits for those who are coaches or assistant coaches.

There are no volunteer requirements for T-ball, Coach Pitch or Machine Pitch.

Volunteer requirements apply to the following leagues:

  • Minor League (Grades 3-4)
  • Major League (Grades 5-6)
  • Babe Ruth League (Grades 7-8)
  • Travel Team Leagues (Grades 3-8)

NOTE: There is No Buyout Option, and all baseball families must complete their expected volunteer requirements. 

At the end of the season, if families have not competed their DIBS requirements, they will be invoiced $25 per missed hour.

Log in, and check the dibs tab on the NRBC website for volunteer opportunities available throughout the season and sign up using dibs to get credit for hours worked per player with volunteer requirements.

Families that have a child age 11+ can work dibs volunteer shifts as long as they are working the same shift at the same location (ex: concession sales) alongside their guardian/parents.

Dibs Hours and Tracking

Claim the Dibs (volunteer hours) per player you are required to fulfill, and dibs will track your progress toward completion of your volunteer hours.

Your player’s registration is attached to a single guardian’s account.  The dibs credit requirements are assigned to the guardian’s account who registered the player.  In the case of the guardians needing to share dib credit responsibility, the guardian who registered the player will need to add an additional guardian to the account following these instructions.  The guardian being added must accept the invitation in an email sent from the primary guardian's account to complete the process.

Instructions for how to claim dibs for the season and get credit are in the PDF document linked below.