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    NRBC 2024 Important Dates

    2024 Parent Meeting Recordings

    NRBC Contacts

    Eric Roberts


    Phone: 651-307-9002

    Dan Kretovics

    Vice President, Program Development & Varsity Head Coach

    Carla Saeger


    Phone: 612-437-6626

    James Couch

    T-Ball & Coach Pitch Director

    Phone: 715-607-0509

    Leann Nyberg


    Phone: 715-559-0109

    Kris Molner

    Majors & Babe Ruth Director

    Phone: 715-222-5248

    Rochelle Roberts


    Phone: 651-208-4596

    Nick Raiolo


    Phone: 651-334-1189

    Annie Knutson

    Volunteer Director

    Erin Raiolo

    Tournament Director

    Phone: 651-442-0559

    TJ Huber

    Travel Team Director

    Phone: 612-860-4610

    James Couch

    Umpire Director

    Phone: 715-607-0509

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    Baseball Weekend 5/17-5/18


    Come out and enjoy the kickoff to in-house baseball to catch some games, grab dinner at the concession stands and enjoy some Culver's custard on Friday May 17! The grills will be fired up and NRBC will be giving out FREE hotdogs starting at 5 p.m. (while supplies last) - complements of our sponsor Star Prairie Sports Bar!

    • INDIVIDUAL & TEAM PHOTOS - see schedule for your player's time: 

    Baseball Weekend 5/17-5/18 - Pictures and Games Schedule

    We are still working on dates/times for Machine Pitch pictures - will plan on a regular practice/game night - stay tuned!

    Important Notes for Pictures:

    • Pictures are taken at Hatfield Park between fields 1 & 2. 
    • Parents will not be allowed back into the photo area.
    • Please plan to arrive at least 15 minutes before your assigned picture time so that kids can be lined up and prepared with their shirts tucked in, gloves in hand and hats on straight. We have parents signed up for DIBS shifts to help with this process as well. We have a very busy schedule of pictures so we appreciate anything that can be done to help keep things going smoothly.
    • If you would like to order pictures, please download the order form from the NRBC website, fill it out and bring with payment to be dropped off at the photography table. Direct link below to the form.

    Zauft Photography Order Form 2024

    NOTE: Parents of T-Ball kids - please pay special attention to your player's league - American League vs National League plus the color. We have team's with the same color jersey in both leagues, as well as three different shades of grey and two different shades of orange for t-ball! We want to avoid confusion and make sure that you show up for the correct time for your player's team! 



    We will have some extra NRBC apparel for sale, so stop by to check it out! We will also be selling individual raffle tickets for our Summer Grand Slam cash giveaway - $10 gets you a raffle ticket to be entered into a daily drawing throughout the month of July with cash prizes ranging from $50 - $1000.


    If you have raffle ticket stubs to drop off, lockboxes have been installed at both Star Prairie and Hatfield inside the door at Concessions - raffle tickets can be dropped off at either of those fields any time the concession stands are open. You will want to have them all turned in by the end of June so that they will be entered into each day's drawing throughout the month of July. 


    Sign up to take a Chevy test drive on Saturday to support our fundraiser.

    "Like" the NRBC facebook page for weather related cancellations!

    You don't have to be on facebook to keep yourself informed.  Check out the facebook feed below for all club communication!

    NRBC Cancellation Notifications

    The weather in Wisconsin can be challenging and unpredictable in the springtime! The New Richmond Baseball Club may decide to cancel a practice or game due to weather conditions. As a youth program, we will will always put the safety of the kids first!

    Any cancellations will be posted on the NRBC Facebook page. If you do not have FB, you can still access that information on the Facebook widget on the NRBC home page on our website. This is the fastest and easiest way to reach the large amount of families in our program.
    Please note that we only post cancellations. NRBC does not post for practices or games to continue as planned. If you do not see a post for a cancellation for your specific league or a post that says ALL of baseball is cancelled, please assume that your team will still practice or play their game as scheduled. PLEASE ALSO NOTE: There are times where we may cancel baseball practice/games for some leagues, but not all. We consider the age level when making cancellation decisions for each league when there is light weather. This consideration is more common for the youngest baseball leagues (T-ball or Coach Pitch) as compared to the older leagues or even the In-House versus Travel Leagues.
    If there is inclement weather, the NRBC board of directors monitors the weather considering current conditions and predicted radar over time (rain, thunder storms/lightning, tornado watch, etc.). We strive to make decisions and notify families as early as possible. However, there are times when we do hold off as late as possible if there is a chance the weather conditions would improve and the kids could still play ball. We appreciate your understanding as we do the best we can to ensure safety of the kids.

    2024 Baseball Bat Regulations

    For the 2024 MBL/MBT seasons, MBL/MBT will allow the use of both USA, USSSA , and BBCOR approved stamped bats in our leagues as well as in tournament play. The decision is in part to simplify the rules and regulations in both league and tournament play in Minnesota and western Wisconsin.  The following bat regulations will be in place:

    Bats - The following pertains to the legality of bats in the MBL/MBT for the upcoming 2023 season.

    9-11 year olds - Maximum diameter at the thickest part: 2 1/4", 2 1/2”2 5/8” or 2 ¾” with UNLIMITED weight differential and a USSSA or USA mark and meet Bat Performance Standards.

    12-13 year olds - Maximum diameter at the thickest part:  2 1/4" or less with UNLIMITED weight differential and a USSSA or USA mark and meet Bat Performance Standards.

    12-13 year olds - Maximum diameter at the thickest part: 2 1/2"2 5/8”, or 2 ¾” barrel with Maximum minus 10 weight differential (Drop -10) and a USSSA mark and meet Bat Performance Standards.   USA mark bats can have a Maximum minus       11 weight differential (Drop -11)

    14 year olds -  Maximum diameter at the thickest part: 2 3/4" or less barrel with a maximum minus 5 weight differential (Drop -5) with USSSA or USA mark and meet Bat Performance Standards OR a Maximum Minus -3 weight differential (Drop -3) on a          BBCOR Certified bat.    (This includes 14/15A Division)

    15 year olds - Maximum diameter at the thickest part: 2 5/8" or less with a Maximum minus 3 weight differential (Drop -3) and be BBCOR approved. 


    If you have any questions please reach out to TJ Huber.