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NRBC Contacts

Brad Altena


Phone: 712-253-7248

Scott Sterba

T-Ball / Coach Pitch

Phone: 715-797-6697

Ryan Unger

Majors & Babe Ruth

Phone: 715-222-5628

Chuck Olson

Tournament Director

Phone: 715-760-0977

Erin Seckora

Dugout Club

Phone: 715-441-0430

Nikki Driscoll

Website, Communications, All Other Inquiries

Phone: 715-497-6903

Josh Klinger


Phone: 651-270-9060

Andy Solomon

Equipment & Concessions

Phone: 612-730-8173

Proud Partner


Hosted by Coach Travis Helland (New Richmond High School Varsity Coach, Former Player at UW-Oshkosh, EC Cav’s and 3 Sport All-State Player in HS; Baseball, Basketball, Football) Jake Jirik (New Richmond High School Assistant Coach, Former New Richmond HS All conference Infielder) and Brady Flaherty (New Richmond High School Assistant Coach, Former UW-Superior Catcher, and All Conference Catcher from Unity)


NRBC players that range from grades K-8th Grade that want to work on any specific skill development over the fall and winter.

What - Hitting Sessions, Infield techniques, and catching 101.

Hitting sessions Includes work on mental approach, grip, stance, hand movement, bat path and other mechanical areas of your swing. This work will include front toss, tee and other toss drills that focus on small movements and ideas to incorporate into your swing.  It will build muscle memory so that, when baseball starts in the spring, players will be in a good spot to hit batting practice and live pitching with proper mechanics. Video breakdown will also be available upon request. Infield sessions will include basic to advanced feet and hand work for any specific position that a player wants to work on, and catching sessions will include basic to advanced receiving, secondary stances, arm path, transfers, throws to bases and much more.


He has been teaching baseball fundamentals and mechanics for over 14 years with players of all ages. His approach is very personable and kid focused. He understands that players need different drills to work on different parts of their game and treats each kid individually based on what they need. He is always positive encouraging strong work habits that will lead to improvements over time.


Coach Helland works on these front toss and tee drills both in the garage and basement at his house in New Richmond.  (He has built a space in his garage with turf that is perfect for these drills and the coach/player ratio is 1:1 with constant attention to detail)


The recommendation is that most hitters going through this mechanical work can see consistent muscle memory with 4-10 30 minute sessions.  These can be set up with Coach Helland by contacting and arranging as it works within his schedule. Availability starts right now and runs through mid March. Once the spring season starts the hope is that players will be outside with their teams and can contact Coach Helland as needed for further work.


$25 per 30 minute session

To sign up, please click the link below that will take you to the signupgenius website. Scroll down and select the dates and times that work for you. Check the box in the red sign up area. Click the Submit and Sign Up button on the very bottom of the page. Enter your name, email, and type of lesson you want. Click sign up now and you are done!


December, January, February, and March slots coming soon.

Please email Coach Helland to ask further questions.


NRBC 2019 Traveling Teams

Congratulations to all of the NRBC players who took on the challenge of completing the traveling team evaluations this week.  Below is the list of final team rosters.  You will be contacted by the NRBC to register your traveling players by November 1, 2018.  

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You don't have to be on facebook to keep yourself informed.  Check out the facebook feed below for all club communication!


NRBC In House Leagues

Check out the league team page for practice schedules, game schedules, teams and other important information!


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NRBC Cancellation Notifications

The weather in Wisconsin can be challenging and unpredictable in the springtime! The New Richmond Baseball Club may decide to cancel a practice or game due to weather conditions. As a youth program, we will will always put the safety of the kids first!

Any cancellations will be posted on the NRBC Facebook page. If you do not have FB, you can still access that information on the Facebook widget on the NRBC home page on our website. This is the fastest and easiest way to reach the large amount of families in our program.
Please note that we only post cancellations. NRBC does not post for practices or games to continue as planned. If you do not see a post for a cancellation for your specific league or a post that says ALL of baseball is cancelled, please assume that your team will still practice or play their game as scheduled. PLEASE ALSO NOTE: There are times where we may cancel baseball practice/games for some leagues, but not all. We consider the age level when making cancellation decisions for each league when there is light weather. This consideration is more common for the youngest baseball leagues (T-ball or Coach Pitch) as compared to the older leagues or even the In-House versus Travel Leagues.
If there is inclement weather, the NRBC board of directors monitors the weather considering current conditions and predicted radar over time (rain, thunder storms/lightning, tornado watch, etc.). We strive to make decisions and notify families as early as possible. However, there are times when we do hold off as late as possible if there is a chance the weather conditions would improve and the kids could still play ball. We appreciate your understanding as we do the best we can to ensure safety of the kids.